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Drywall is an essential part of almost every modern home these days. While it’s a sturdy material, it’s not resistant or completely immune to damage. If you have drywall in your home, you’re bound to need some sort of repair at one point or another. Trying to DIY patch holes and repairing drywall can be difficult and time-consuming! Why waste time when you can hire professionals to do it for you? Here at Brad’s Home Care and Repair, we have patched hundreds of holes and cracks in the past and can complete any drywall repair job you throw at us.

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Common Drywall problems:


Holes in the drywall are one of the most common damages that we see. These are typically caused by doors slamming into the wall, someone falling into the wall, etc. Though a small hole might not look too concerning, it can grow and cause further damage if not fixed.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur from broken or leaky pipes, heavy rainfall, etc. Water damage is a severe problem that should be looked at right away. It weakens the wall and can lead to health hazards such as mold from the moisture. If you notice water damage starting to appear, make sure to get it looked at right away to prevent more significant issues.


Scuffs and dents in the drywall aren’t the most serious problems, but they can look unpleasant and sometimes lead to holes in the drywall.

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