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Deck Repairs

Deck Restoration and Repairs

A deck is an area you want to feel comfortable and safe hanging out with your friends and family. You don’t want to worry about damages that could lead to you or a loved one’s injury. It’s essential to regularly check your deck to ensure no damages such as holes, loose planks, etc. Inspecting your deck is especially important after a winter season of severe weather and snowstorms. When and if you recognize any damages, be sure to call a professional to fix it. This will ensure your safety as well as anyone else who might spend time on the deck.

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Common Deck Damages

Gaps Between Boards

Different weather conditions can lead to expansion or shrinkage of deck boards, which cause gaps on the deck. After harsh winters or hot summers, it’s a good idea to evaluate your deck for these gaps. If a gap is found, we recommend hiring a professional to fix it.

Loose Railing

Test out your deck’s railing by leaning gently against it. Does it move? If so, you probably need to call a professional to come to fix it. Lousy weather and time can lead to the weakening of the railing.

Nail Pops

Older decks commonly have nails holding boards together; over time, these can come loose and become a hazard to anyone that uses the deck! Getting nails replaced with screws is safer and more sturdy.

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